Pause, Stop or Delete - What You Should Know

Learn about the various actions you can take regarding the continuity of your campaigns.

Pause, Stop or Delete - What You Should Know


In this article,  you will learn the difference between stopping, pausing, and deleting a sequence and how you can apply those various functions.


When you pause a sequence, you can choose to resume it at any time. However, after clicking this button, you cause all of your sequence activities to be halted.

If you prefer to stop sending new invitations while the sequence has not yet completed its queued activities, you can set the Per Day Limit to 0 so the rest of the actions in the sequence will take place.

  • Follow-up messages - Yes
  • Withdraw pending invitations - Yes
  • Sending New Invitations - No


When you choose to "Stop" a sequence, you can't restart that sequence again. If you wish to restart again, you'll have to Clone the sequence and use the new one. Otherwise, you may delete the stopped sequence.



If your sequence has completed its queued actions or you wish to remove any given sequence, you can select "Delete". Here's how:

  1. Go to "Sequences"
  2. Click the three dots in line with the name of the sequence
  3. Select "Delete"