Pending Invite Threshold

Control the maximum number of pending invites with this feature to keep your account safe.

Find the Threshold feature under the Settings tab. Follow the steps below to easily set up the maximum number of pending connections you want to keep under your LinkedIn account. 

When you set up a sequence, you set up a number of days before your invitation will be withdrawn, by default this will be 5 days.


If they haven't accepted your invite in 5 days the invite will be withdrawn by Cloud Flo. 

Now, what will happen if you delete the sequence, or somehow you setup the withdraw for more than 14 days and your pending invites are above 250. As a safety the pending invite threshold will help with keeping those pending invites low.  

How to set up the Pending Invite Threshold

1. Go to Settings

2. Set Pending Invites Threshold

3. The Threshold will depend on the Total Connections you have. 

  • Accounts with 250-500 total connections: 100
  • Accounts with 500-1000 total connections: 250
  • Accounts with 1000-5000 total connections: 500
  • Accounts with +5000 total connections: 1000

The number of Pending Invites should be between 1/2 or 1/3 of the total connections.

Note: If you have any questions regarding "Pending Invite Threshold", contact us at There will be a chat bot at the bottom right.